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August 2022

Atlanta Movie Awards has awarded GEIMU "Best VR/Immersive" Award 

July 2022

Tokyo Film Awards has awarded GEIMU the "Golden Award" for Best Action

Oct 2021

Golden Reel International Film Festival has awarded GEIMU "Best Make-up", "Best Poster", "Best Choreography"!  

Oct. 2021

GEIMU has WON the VR category at Philip K. Dick Science Fiction and Supernatural Film Festival 2021 in NYC! 

Dec. 2020


GEIMU screened at Five Flavours Film Festival in Poland which focuses on Asian films and garnered the top views in the VR category. It received several mentions in the local press.

Nov. 2020

GEIMU has WON its second award, winning the VR category at Raindance's Japan Indies Film Festival held in Nov 2020! Among the distinguished judges were none other than one of the founders of Raindance Film Festival Elliot Grove, Raindance's current Program Director Suzanne Ballantyne, Award winning producer Ken Natsuhara, TV/Radio Caster Shirley Tomioka and Actor Shogen Iktz. It is truly an honor. A shout out to JIFF Program Director and Founder Mike Rogers for his amazing job on overcoming the myriad hurdles of 2020 to make the film festival happen.

報告が遅くなりましたが、2020年11月に開催された Raindance 主催のJapan Indies Film Festival 2020 のVR 部門でGEIMUが優勝しました!

審査員の中にはRaindance 国際映画祭の創設者であるElliot Grove様、現在のRaindance 国際映画祭のプログラムディレクターSuzanne Ballantyne様、そして日本の映像業界の方々Ken Natsuhara様、Shirley Tomioka様、Shogen Iktz様。大変光栄でございます。そしてJIFFの創設者とプログラムディレクターのMike Rogers様にも感謝申し上げます。2020年の大変厳しい状況の中で映画祭をキャンセルせずオンラインにて開催することを実現してくださいました。

Oct. 2020

We are very happy to announce that GEIMU has WON the VR category at Japan's "one and only" film festival dedicated to 4K, 8K & VR content Tokushima Film Festival!

It is due to the efforts of all the great cast, staff, and VR lab mentors!

We are delighted to be able to share this wonderful news with all of you, our excellent fans.

We look forward to continue sharing this film with the world!



(VR Award @6:13:00)


日本でたったひとつ” 4K・8K・VR映像に特化した徳島映画祭。







Oct. 2020

We are excited to share some great news: GEIMU has been selected as a finalist in 2020 Vancouver International Film Festival's Cinematic VR category! VIFF is one of the five major film festivals in North America.

VIFF's website.

The VIFF Immersed Exhibition showcases the world's leading narrative-driven, export-ready immersive entertainment for the public to explore. This year, the Exhibition will reach the widest global audience ever for a VR film festival making content available for viewing across multiple platforms.

From Sep 24th to Oct 7th, GEIMU will be streamed on the following six platforms:

Amaze VR


Museum of Other Realities

Oculus TV

VeeR -> Please VOTE!

VIFF Immersed YouTube 360 Channel

Awards will be announced on Oct 7th.

There is also an audience award, so we hope you will help us spread the word and get votes!

Once again, thank you for all your support!


幸いな事に GEIMU が北米5大国際映画祭のうちの1つであるバンクーバー国際映画祭のVR シネマ部門のファイナリストとして選ばれました!



9月24日から10月7日までの映画祭期間中は、6箇所ほどのVR配信プラットフォームで GEIMUが無料配信されます。


Amaze VR


Museum of Other Realities

Oculus TV

VeeR -> 投票お願いします!

VIFF Immersed YouTube 360 Channel


それに向けて GEIMUのソーシャルメディアを活発にしていきます。




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