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GEIMU is an award winning live action VR180 Japanese sci-fi/action/horror film in stereoscopic 3D which takes place in a fictional medieval Japanese video game world.


Two players enter a virtual reality game world set in medieval Japan that is run by a rampant AI.


When AI gets medieval on you. 


Stereoscopic VR 180, Resolution: 5760x2880; Ambisonic + Head-Lock Stereo Audio


GEIMU was written, directed, produced and edited by Dorian Goto Stone and was made possible by the Google and VR Scout VR180 Lab. Over 50 local cast and crew were involved in the production, and decades of collective experience with Japanese period pieces went into creating a compelling medieval Japanese game world. From the sword choreography to the wardrobe to the props and spoken language, details were meticulously chosen to create a period piece that would be satisfying to both a local Japanese audience as well as a global one. 

The lead (Emi) is played by Aimi Sekiguchi, a VR artist and YouTuber who performs at major events throughout the world who is frequently featured on Japanese television. Her costar (Hiroshi) is played by Katsuyuki Miyake (Asaikikaku Talent Agency), an actor in television, film and theatre. 


Sakasai Castle Ruins Park, Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture  

Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture 

- GEIMU について-

戦国時代の日本を舞台にした実写VR映画「GEIMU」はPhilip K. Dick Science Fiction and Supernatural Film Festival 2021 含めて8つの国際・国内映画祭で優勝した。


*VRとは virtual reality(バーチャルリアリティ)の略語であり、日本語では「人工現実感」あるいは「仮想現実」と訳され、コンピューターにより作られた映像や実写映像のことを指します。


彼女は友達のヒロシと一緒に、VRゲーム機とAIデバイス (グーグルホームやアマゾンアレクサのような機器) をハッキングさせ違法に安全機能を外してしまいます。

*合計23分、YouTube に5つのエピソードに分けて公開致します。

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